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2022年佛罗伦萨第四届达芬奇国际奖 International Prize Leonardo da Vinci


International Prize Leonardo da Vinci

- The Universal Artist



February 6th, 2022 at the Borghese Palace - Florence

策展人: Salvatore and Francesco Saverio Russo


--Art International Contemporary Magazine

国际当代艺术杂志 2022年1-2月刊

--Catalog of the event “International Prize Leonardo da Vinci”


--Conferment of the the “International Prize Leonardo da Vinci”



Borghese Palace, Florence. Elegance and splendor are the main features of the Monumental Gallery of the Palace. On February 6th 2022, in this sumptuous place, will take place the awarding ceremony.

In the heart of the ancient Florence, near “Piazza del Duomo” and “Piazza delle Signorie”, Borghese Palace is one of the most significative example of Neo-classic architecture of the state capital, Florence. Even if its facade is majestic, this palace could seem hidden by the strict road. But once you come in, the beauty and the elegance are dazzling: the large honour salon brings to the Mirrors’ Room , that was the bedroom of Paolina Bonaparte. The last restoration of 1994 brought the palace to its original beauty, and it has also been provided of all the necessary comfort to become a prestigious place for meetings and events.

Borghese Palace has been built in just six months in 1821, including the Neo-

classic buildings already existing, basing on the project of Gaetano Baccani made for the Prince Camillo Borghese. It is the location of the Borghese Club, and at the noble floor, of the “Stampa’’. The external part of the building is characterized by a painted tabernacle that show a holy vir- gin with child, by Giuseppe Bezzuoli, and, in front of it we can see the Saint Procopio Church, straight form the III century, that still isn’t officiate.

Art makes free to express your self and spread your emotions.

Florence is one of the most beautiful city of the world, able to give to its visitors unforgettable emotions, and now it will host the “International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci - The Universal Artist’’. The prestigioius award, will be given to those artists who stood out for their artistic and stylistic research.

For the occasion will be selected, by Salvatore and Francesco Saverio Russo, some of the best international and contemporary artists.

The award is a right symbol for an important artistic career.During the awarding ceremony the orga-nizators of the event and importan personalities from the world of art and culture, will occurr.

Artwork 参展作品:


Jiangnan Spring in childhood at 80s

The rice field

作品 Artwork: 《儿时江南春》

Jiangnan Spring in childhood at 80s:The rice field

系列 Series: 《江南景》The Jiangnan scenery part


油画画布 Oil painting on canvas/

混合材料 Mixed materials

尺寸Size: 150x120cm

创作日期 Date:2021-2022

绘画 Artist:lilyma马莉

lilyma马莉(Ma Li)


lilyma is a Chinese painter, , writer, actor, opera performer, and movie producer.

Oil painting is one of her artistic focuses at the moment.

"I believe that arts have no boundaries. All my art creations, in various formats, come from life, my thoughts about love and society.

Those ‘Emotions and Expressions’ were the natural birth of my impulses but not just descriptions. “

lilyma’s prose fiction novels “Age Of Innocence” & “The Winter of Paris” were published online in 2019 with the formats in E-books and audio books on various platforms.

As an opera actress, lilyma was awarded the Outstanding Performance Award in 2000 and Wen Hua Award (Nation’s highest award in professional stage arts) in 2002 by National Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China.

She have been participating in creating a series of experimental music by mixing Chinese opera and poem with western music since 2011.

The films & TV works lilyma was involved as a producer and an actress include : Copy cat (2009), My Awesome Grandpa(2017), Legend Of Heroes (2015), 7 days, Mother’s Spring, Ji Yuan (2009). etc

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