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Emotion and Expression

2016-2021 ART ANTHOLOGY of lilyma Ma Li

©️2021 Moli's Heart 莫莉的世界

Classification of Artworks



Characters and Emotions


The scenery is in my heart. Whose scenery am I in?
Moli's Heart




Still Life & Landscape
Age Of Innocence
The Winter of Paris



​包林 Baolin


For several years, Ma Li came to the Academy of Fine Arts to take my class. Her sketch was different. She just used the model as an imagery, and did not depict the details, but quickly transformed the object into a vivid one.



Cataloging art? The history of art merges with that of the societies in which it finds its origin. This is partly true, for the decor. But never forget that creation remains an essentially individual process. lilyma’s work resembles her: a woman with a thousand facets, both unique and multiple, an actress, she is her own spectacle on the stage of life. A curiosity about things in the world, a cultural richness, and an appetite for research to understand each other...a total work of implementation of what it is, without complacency, to best respond to the principle of Wisdom "Know you yourself". lilyma is a total artist Poet, painter, musician, ...and director.. The two names of 20th century Western art? Picasso and Matisse In China, lilyma could be their heiress.







I watched Mr. Cai Yuanpei's inauguration speech at Peking University at 7:00 in the morning: 1. Hold on to the purpose; 2. Cultivate moral character; 3. Respect teachers and friends. It struck me deeply when he talked about studying for the sake of promotion and wealth is antithetical... I think of the recent exams that the kids of my family and friends have been preparing for... or someone already ready to go college.... I think of how many parents and children don't know why they should go to university or what university really means. University: A place of profound knowledge. Scholars who study profound knowledge are called university students.



When I was taking a bath, I was laughing to myself.  How could I walk with such a masculine military march and sing such a feminine Kunqu opera?  Well, I have already forgotten the appearance of a male martial artist and the graceful posture of a female role.  Let me explain, the standardized performances of these two roles did not restrict me. 



Actually, wherever we go, we are just passers-by. We come and we go. This is not our entire life, but it is a part of life.

We put the beautiful scenery into our hearts and draw it into our works. Whether it is pieced together fragmentarily or observed from a distance, it eventually forms a story. Humans are creatures who believe in stories. And artists are most obsessed with pursuing a free spirit. 






Mengyuan and I stayed in Nianhua Bay and discussed the script, that was three years ago.

In recent years, the Zinnia has frequently appeared in my paintings.  Yes, there are always flowers blooming, adding vitality to the small vase on the table.

With the company of these flowers, I never feel lonely.

I can also casually draw a few strokes of them.






Love, it's too intense, just like a hangover.

Professor Bao Lin told me: Art is essentially feminine...

I think: Male painters still have female models to paint, and often those models are their lovers or mistresses.

It turns out, I am my own lover...


情绪是杀手。 杀自己,也杀他人。


“若这么下去,未来的日子,精神折磨即地狱!” ……

Circles and Blocks, my casual lifeEmotions are killers.  Eating is the ultimate killer of these killers.   (November 13, 2017, Paris)

Emotions are killers.  

They kill oneself, and they kill others.

Oh, just thinking about it gives me chills.  

Numerous scenes and characters of emotional breakdown flash through my mind...

画册 lilyma修改稿_68的副本.jpg

我们需要坐船去滨海拉塞纳(La Seyne-Sur-Mer)小镇,那里有一片温暖的勒萨布雷(Les Sablettes)海滩。法国南部,除了2007年我去过尼斯戛纳电影节之外,这是第二次。南法的天极蓝,普罗旺斯蔚蓝海岸,透着地中海气候的暖,而我感觉有点发凉。

When we arrive in Toulon, we need to take a boat to the coastal town of La Seyne-Sur-Mer, where there is a warm beach called Les Sablettes.This is my second time in the south of France, apart from attending the Cannes Film Festival in 2007. The sky in the south of France is extremely blue. Not sad blue but Happy Provence Blue. The Provence coastline is a beautiful shade of blue, with a warm Mediterranean climate. However, I feel a bit chilly.


粉红沙滩画作至今为止,大约有17幅(布面绘画),纸本若干。 要是以后有一个“粉红沙滩”房间,集艺术作品、装置为一体,应该很爽。 我在脑海里规划了一下,回头要记在《莫莉花园》本本上。 粉红沙滩4,大体上是下意识绘画,色彩也是。 我称之(色彩分布)是生理机能。

Up to now, there are approximately 17 canvas paintings and several paper works for "Pink Beach".  It would be great if there could be a "Pink Beach" room in the future, integrating art works and installations.  I have planned it in my mind iImmediately, and will remember it in my notebook "Moli's Garden".  "Pink Beach 4" was painted subconsciously, including the color distribution, which I call my "Physiological Function".


佛爷夏河部落的草场,夏河桑科达久滩草原,“达久滩”藏语意为赛马滩,是桑科最美丽的一片草原。 每年的农历7月13日,在桑科草原的达久滩将有一条通往“香巴拉”的天路,桑科的七大部落年年在此日举行赛马活动,所有参加7月13日赛马活动的骑手们,均能在来世进入“香巴拉”的净土。

The part of Sangke grassland is belongs to the Xiahe County, called 'Daju Tan' grassland.   "Daju Tan" in Tibetan means horse racing meadow.  And it is the most beautiful part of the Great Sangke Prairie.  Every year on the 13th day of the seventh lunar month, there will be a heavenly road leading to "Shangri-La" on the Daju Tan of Sangke Prairie.   The seven major tribes of Sangke hold horse racing events on this day every year.   All riders who participate in the July 13 horse racing event can enter the pure land of "Shangri-La" in the next life.





Although I was alone, my life was peaceful and beautiful, with the fragrance of flowers and the sound of birds. When the apricot blossoms fell, it was like a shower of white flowers falling on me.

I felt I am  pretty rich, free from the dust, and surrounded only by the fragrance of flowers. It was during this time that I turned my life into a "Golden Creation Period" of seclusion throughout the pandemic.

画册 lilyma修改稿_29的副本.jpg

当然能这么坚持,我早就定了《莫莉的世界》是写什么主题的。关于爱。It’s all about LOVE。友情、爱情、亲情、艺术。只要我不是“四大皆空“,这些就如影随形。莫莉是常州话马莉的读音。简单的来说,莫莉的世界就是我的心。这辈子,要用心活,要用自己的心(不是别人的心);要完善、懂自己的灵魂;要发现自己,而不是演自己(一个假定完美的人设)。

Of course, in order to persist like this, I had long decided on the theme of "Moli's Heart". It's all about LOVE.

Love-- Friendship. Love-- romantic love. Love-- familial love. Love-- Art love. As long as I am not  "All is empty", those will always be with me, like my own shadows.

Moli is the pronunciation of Ma Li in Changzhou dialect. Simply put, Moli's heart is Ma Li's heart.






Three years ago, at Taihu Lake, I chose "The tranquility of the heart".    In the three years since then, whether it is the vitality under the "waves" of the lake water, or the changes in the four seasons in landscape or in my heart, my spirit, it will be revealed intentionally or unintentionally.

During communication...

During actions...

During in my art works...




On the February 19th, I painted the first Garzê landscape on the third floor, thinking that if the pandemic ended in summer, maybe I could go and see the jewel mountain and the pool of blue water.

(All is unknown...  As I said)



Example 1: We stand on the 200th floor of a tall building. Even though we can't see the whole world or explore the universe, we can still see the distant mountains, clouds in the distance, low clouds, high-altitude clouds, and a bigger sky. How can someone on the 200th floor explain this scenery to others? Even if the person on the 2nd floor doesn't go up to the 200th floor, they can probably figure out what can be seen from there by going up to the 20th floor.



There is no need to hurt others with arguments. To find beauty is to oppose ugliness. Those struggles are ineffective, leaving only ferocious faces and empty hearts.

I categorize personal wealth into the following three:

Spirit and imagination, knowledge and comprehension;

The ability to love and to be loved, including family, friends, and partners;

Physical Assets. 


I'll take the lazy route and directly quote the original text. I won't translate it as my explanation might not be good enough, I just tried to understand it from a psychological and practical perspective. Of course, this is difficult to translate, so I won't do it.

When I see "大知閑閑,小知閒閒;大言炎炎,小言詹詹" (roughly translated as "Great knowledge is calm, while little knowledge is restless; great words are fiery, while little words are chattering"), I think, "Yes yes yes yes!!!"

When I see "其寐也魂交,其觉也形开" (roughly translated as "During sleep, the soul interacts; upon waking, the form opens"), it makes me think of people who have been recently ill. And also when I can't sleep well, I wonder what I'm thinking about. As I can't live amidst noise and worries, so I think that people who are sick should rest quiet, otherwise the noise and worries won't allow the body to relax.



Recently, I have been reminiscing about loves. What I remember, the interesting things, is restrained emotions, the unsaid words. Misaligned thoughts and desires. All those cheesy sweet words, the lively and exciting beginnings, ending hastily without a proper farewell. It's corny and cheap, unable to be appreciated. A relationship should have flesh and blood, an intertwining of souls, like a painting that can be savored.


Creation makes me feel alive.



The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.


What I believe.(1930)

— Albert Einstein, Physicist




Pleasant: it comes from the enjoyment of a relationship.

If we go by this title, there are indeed many related artworks. Mostly, I see myself as a third person observing the changes in my state of being in love. There is also Lingxia, my sister, who posed as a model and I painted a few portraits of her. At that time, we were talking and drinking, but it wasn't enough, so I painted as well.



In the early stages of the epidemic, I had no concept of it at the time, I just felt that it was dangerous.

Tao Hui is currently shooting in Russia, where the epidemic is more severe than here. I am very familiar with these photos, they are reference photos for these paintings.

I always thought she was shooting a film related to dance, as she has a good foundation in dance.

She had been practicing by pressing the back of her foot before shooting.





To cultivate one's body, one must first cultivate one's mind; To cultivate one's mind, one must first understand principles; To understand principles, one must read extensively. After reading, one must take action, engage in dialectics, and seek clarification. In the end: Useful? Useless? Useless, yet, useful in everything. (This was the thought on Wednesday)



Yesterday, I changed the distant mountains into various blue block mountains (Simple mountains) to create a stylistic division. Today, I plan to use a brush with more ink to paint smooth reeds and Water-hyacinths.

The Water-hyacinths have purple flowers and bloom in October, but in the north, they bloom in September. I saw them in late October on Taihu Lake in the afternoon when the waves were rolling and stacking.



I also have a theory that may or may not be correct (My experiences, which was applicable) :

Whether it is the body coordination control in dance (which is more prominent in gymnastics and acrobatics), or the power control in martial arts, or the body form control in Chinese opera (combined with martial arts and dance)...

Why is Chinese opera more prominent?! Because Chinese opera also needs to singing and speaking on same of that. And so on.




Loneliness, of course I am lonely.

These were the days when I learned to truly enjoy solitude.  I turned it into a variety of solitude: fresh air, flowers, trees, sunshine, the sky in the yard, like my own private sky.



I always fantasize about what it would be like on an alien planet. Although it's unrealistic, this kind of fantasy makes life interesting for me.Fish may not necessarily live in the sea, maybe in the sky. Clouds can change into various shapes, I knew that since I was a child. I often looked up at the sky and drew pictures of the world of immortals in it.


我喜欢拈花湾。 除了是家乡,还有山水。 跟禅意无关。 心中有禅,去哪里都可以禅。

《江南景》,江南在我心里,除了是家乡外,也不光光指长江以南,江苏南部了。  是一种心灵归宿的符号,思乡的符号。

I love Nianhua Bay. Besides being my hometown, it also has beautiful scenery. It has nothing to do with Zen. With Zen in my heart, I can find my peace anywhere. This place suddenly made me feel calm. It left a deep impression on me, but later commercialization took over.

"The Jiangnan scenery  part " - -Jiangnan is in my heart, not just referring to the area south of the Yangtze River or southern Jiangsu, but a symbol of spiritual belonging and homesickness. I have been away from home for too long.

Face V12.JPG





There's a quote that has had a big impact on me.  

It was said to me by a Jewish scientist we met at Thailand:

"Knowledge is limited, understanding is infinite."

This quote has become my way of learning.



The rose flowers after this winter will only bloom sporadically in May, probably due to the cold weather.They are so beautiful and strong, with such vibrant vitality. After a harsh winter, they slowly bloom with an irresistible charm. I like it. I like this stubbornness.



Yesterday evening, I was getting ready to go for a run in the neighborhood. I went to the place where my dad exercises and from afar, I saw the Bu Er bouncing towards me. He knew we were going to sprint. We started running, dodging a few kids. I picked up speed and Bu Er ran between my legs, tripping me and sending me flying. I landed on my knees and hands, with several holes in my pants and scraped knees. Thankfully, my palms were okay. I stayed on the ground in pain for 5 minutes, grimacing silently. I got up and walked back to the doorstep of my house. I rolled up my pants to show my dad, and Bu Er hid behind him.





Looking at Gu Kaizhi's "The Admonitions of the Instructress to the Court Ladies," it reminds me of the picture books I read as a child. Isn't this an early form of illustrated books? Isn't this a form of montage? "The Admonitions of the Instructress to the Court Ladies" can be seen as a guidebook on "virtuous behavior" for women. Art is like a branch that grows on the foundation of previous generations and civilizations. The form has existed for a long time, just with different names and packaging.








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