The Winter ofParis




The greatest pain in life is you can't get what you want. Also do not understand the meaning of life.

And the process of "figuring out the meaning of life" is a painful metamorphosis.

​2019.8.18 lilyma 马莉

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《冬日巴黎》The Winter of Paris,一部lilyma马莉的散文小说。




The Winter of Paris. A prose novel from lilyma.

lilyma is a filmmaker, who loves painting and music. Exhausted by years of entrepreneurship in the Beijing film industry. She yearns for the freedom of creation and soul. When one day her best friend suddenly died, she began to reflect, now such a life, whether has deviated from her life intention.

So she changed the course of her life, pursuing the art and love. During these eight months, she met different people and things. In Paris, in Mulhouse, in Beijing, in Bangkok...

​2019.8.18 lilyma 马莉

Jardin des Tuileries - Soul maze


作词 Lyrics:lilyma 马莉(2017.11.27 afternoon)

演唱、独白 Sing/Solo:lilyma 马莉

音乐制作人 Music:Paolo Marcuzzi

录音棚 Studio:MOTOCO Mulhouse

英文背景女声 Background English:Thashish

录音 Sound: Luna & Alex

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