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The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists LONDON PRIZE 2022.12.7

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The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists LONDON PRIZE will take place in the "Asylum Chapel", located in the heart of the LONDON city.

Important celebrities from the world of culture will be present at the ceremony and the talented artists will be awarded with an important prize for their careers.

In the November/December number of the magazine Art International Contemporary, we will realize an introductive piece dedicated to The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists LONDON PRIZE; following to the piece the publication of the selected artists’ artworks.

The Asylum Chapel, established in or around 1827, in Peckham formed the heart of London’s. An impressive 10,000 people are reported to have watched the complex’s opening ceremony despite North Peckham being largely rural at that time – an area of market gardens and fields near Old Kent Road and Peckham New Town. The site was considered exceptionally large, with early architectural historian Nicolaus Pevsner labeling the six-acre complex as “the only grand composition among the many almshouses of Camberwell.” The chapel soon became the beating heart of the community. A contemporary account stated that the services were “bright and partly choral”, noting that the congregation’s singing excellence was largely attributed to the established Licensed Victuallers’ Choral Association.

The prize is given to those artists who has been chosen by Mr. Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo.

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