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International Prize PEGASUS for the Arts 威尼斯飞马国际艺术奖 2023.5.18


International Prize PEGASUS for the Arts


颁奖典礼: Official award ceremony of the PEGASUS International Prize

2023年5月18日3pm,威尼斯圣特奥多罗大学 May 18th, 2023 at the Scuola Grande of San Teodoro - Venice

展出:威尼斯圣特奥多罗大学 Scuola Grande of San Teodoro - Venice

策展人: Salvatore and Francesco Saverio Russo


--International Prize PEGASUS for the Arts




3 pm: Official presentation of the Pegasus International Award and Top Artists

3 and a half hours: Awarding of Artists: Top Artists

4 pm: Pegasus International Prize Artist Award Ceremony (Artists who are participating in both the Pegasus Award and Top Artists will be awarded during the Pegasus Award ceremony)

Special moment: fashion show with dresses painted by Rosana Largo Rodriguez, who on this occasion will present a dress dedicated to the Pegasus Award


The Jiangnan scenery part

The beauty on Taihu Lake

系列Series: 静物风景系列Still Life & Landscape/江南景The Jiangnan scenery part

Material: 油画画布 Oil painting on canvas

Size: 150x100cm

Date: 2020-2023

绘画 Artist: lilyma马莉

地点📍:莫莉工作室 Moli Studio






The scenery was serene and tranquil, and I felt like I was in a symphony.


I could hear the wind blowing, the trees swaying, the insects chirping, and the lake whispering.

Even after returning to Beijing, those sounds continue to echo in my ears. It's hard to stay indoors nowadays, but the memories of that peaceful scene are forever etched in my blood.

2021.1.3 Afternoon lilyma马莉



The Jiangnan Scenery Part

The beauty on Taihu Lake

情绪与表达 Emotions and Expression Part 109

音乐 Music:太湖美 The beauty of Taihu Lake

月明云淡露华浓 Hypnotic live

作曲 Compose:Paolo Marcuzzi (法)

作词 Lyrics/演唱 Song/绘画Artist:lilyma马莉

视频 Video:许臣斌 Sandy Xu

日期 Date:2023.6.21

©️2023 莫莉的世界 Moli's Heart

Pegasus was, according to Greek mythology, a winged horse, connected to the myth of Bellerophon and Perseus. How this horse came to be is, to say the least, unusual. Her mother was Medusa, the Gorgon famous, in her youth, for her beauty, in particular for her flowing hair, who married Poseidon, god of the sea and horses. Unfortunately, the union between Medusa and Poseidon took place in the temple of the goddess Athena (goddess of wisdom, war, the arts and justice), who, enraged by the outrage suffered by her temple, transformed Medusa into a monster with a covered with snakes, whose gaze turned men into stones. When Perseus beheaded Medusa, Pegasus, the winged horse, and Chrysaor, a warrior armed with a sword, magically came out of her neck. Legend has it that Pegasus, having come out of Medusa's neck (for some, from the blood poured onto the ground), had drank at the Pirene spring, on the road that led to the sanctuary of Poseidon, then had flown to Mount Helicon while a race was in progress singing between the muses and the Pierides. Pegasus, moved by the sweetness of the song, had struck, with a lunate hoof, Mount Helicon, which had risen up to the sky and caused Hippocrene, "the horse's spring", to gush forth, from which the Muses would quench their thirst, nourishing their inspiration, to then fly to Olympus singing with a sublime voice.

Thus Pegasus, who had caused the spring of the Muses to flow, became the emblem of creative imagination, poetic fury and inspiration.

Because of his appeal to the creative imagination, we can say that Pegasus is the true witness of the birth of all the Arts.

The curators of the Award are Dr. Salvatore Russo and Dr. Francesco Saverio Russo.

根据希腊神话,飞马彼格索斯与贝勒福涅和珀尔修斯的传说有关。 这匹神奇的翼马的起源可谓异常。 它的母亲是美杜莎,年轻时以其美貌和飘逸的长发而闻名,她嫁给了海神和马之神波塞冬。 不幸的是,美杜莎和波塞冬的结合发生在女神雅典娜(智慧、战争、艺术和正义女神)的神庙里,因此,她对神庙受到的侮辱感到愤怒,将美杜莎变成了一只满身蛇的怪物,其目光可将男人变成石头。珀尔修斯斩下美杜莎的头时,彼格索斯这匹翼马和武器装备剑的战士克利萨尔就神奇地从她的脖子里出现了。

传说中,彼格索斯从美杜莎的脖子里出来(有人认为是从倒在地上的血液里出来的),喝了通往波塞冬圣殿的皮里涅泉水,然后在赛跑和女神缪斯以及皮耳伊得斯之间的歌唱中飞向赫利孔山。 彼格索斯被歌声的甜美所感动,用月形马蹄砸向赫利孔山,赫利孔山随即升入天空,引出了“马之泉”,缪斯们从中汲取灵感和激情,然后飞向奥林匹斯山用崇高的声音歌唱。 因此,彼格索斯成为了创造性想象、诗意的狂热和灵感的象征。 由于它对创造性想象的吸引力,我们可以说彼格索斯是所有艺术诞生的真正见证者。

该奖项的策展人是Salvatore Russo博士和Francesco Saverio Russo博士。

Venice is a cultural center of great interest, for a long time meeting place of great artists and the works exposed in the galleries of the museums are visited by tourists from the whole world.

Venice is a city that loves art and, besides the museums and the monuments, it boasts of magnificent theaters and exceptional music auditoriums, perfect for representations and concerts of classical music. Venice is built on 117 islands; it has 150 canals and 400 bridges. The hub of public life is Piazza San Marco, where tourist and citizens sit on the terraces of the famous Florian, is the best-known café, and Quadri Cafés. The shops in San Marco have sumptuous window displays of lace, jewelry, mirrors and the famous glassware from Murano.

The Mercerie, shopping streets, lead to the Ponte di Rialto. Quartiere de’ Frari and Santa Maria Formosa have a certain peaceful charm with their brick facades and silent canals. Meals in the trattorie are among the attractions of Venice. Consist in sea-food accompanied by the pleasant local wines. For centuries gondolas have been the traditional means of transport in Venice. Now they are the quintessence of Romantic Venice.

The Scuola Grande di San Teodoro is an ancient Venetian brotherhood. The oldest as an institution but the most recent of the six "historic" grand schools, it will be over a hundred years before another is elevated to the status of grande.

The actual school was established in 1258, the first of those that would become Great, at the church of San Salvador then of the Augustinian Canons.

In 1261 the remains of Saint Theodore arrived in Venice from Constantinople and were solemnly placed in an altar of the church. The school undertook with the fathers to keep it illuminated and to provide for the decoration of the chapel and in 1333 the vault of the chapel was finished. Even more importance was achieved when in 1450 the Venetian Senate again assumed San Teodoro as co-patron of the city. In the meantime the School was gaining more and more popularity for its charitable activities. Especially for the distribution of meals to the poor on holidays, meals that were prepared by the brothers in the room rented from the fathers and equipped for the purpose. In 1552 it was elevated to Scuola Grande.

In 1807 the School was suppressed by the Napoleonic authorities with the consequent confiscation of the valuables. Since then the building was used for various uses, when in 1960 at the behest of the patriarch Urbani the Scuola di San Teodoro was reconstituted and in 1995 it returned to being the owner of the building.

威尼斯是一个文化中心,长期以来是伟大艺术家的聚集地,博物馆画廊中展出的作品被全世界的游客参观。 威尼斯热爱艺术,除了博物馆和纪念碑外,还拥有宏伟的剧院和杰出的音乐礼堂,非常适合古典音乐的演出和音乐会。 威尼斯建立在117个岛屿上,有150条运河和400座桥梁。 公共生活的中心是圣马可广场,游客和市民坐在著名的弗洛里安咖啡馆和昆德里咖啡馆的露台上。 圣马可区的商店有华丽的蕾丝、珠宝、镜子和著名的穆拉诺玻璃器皿展示橱窗。 商业街Mercerie通向里亚尔托桥。 Frari区和Santa Maria Formosa区有一种宁静的魅力,其砖石外墙和静谧的运河令人心旷神怡。 威尼斯的餐馆中的海鲜与当地美酒相得益彰,也是威尼斯的景点之一。 几个世纪以来,唐独木舟一直是威尼斯的传统交通工具,现在它们成为浪漫威尼斯的精髓。 圣忒奥多罗大学堂是一个古老的威尼斯兄弟会。 作为一个机构是最古老的,但是作为六个“历史性”的大学之一,它将在一百年后再次被提升为大学的地位。 这所学校成立于1258年,是成为大学的第一所教堂之一,当时是圣萨尔瓦多教堂,隶属于奥古斯丁修道院。 1261年,圣忒奥多罗的遗体从君士坦丁堡运到威尼斯,并被隆重地放置在教堂的一座祭坛上。 学校与神父合作,承诺为小教堂提供照明和装饰,并在1333年完成了教堂的拱顶。 更重要的是,1450年,威尼斯参议院再次将圣忒奥多罗视为城市的共同守护神。 与此同时,学校因其慈善活动而越来越受欢迎,特别是在节假日向穷人分发食物,这些食物是由兄弟们在神父租用的房间里准备的。 1552年,它被提升为Scuola Grande。 1807年,学校被拿破仑政府取缔,并没收了其贵重物品。 此后,这座建筑被用于各种用途,直到1960年,由于主教乌尔巴尼的要求,圣忒奥多罗学校得以重建,1995年它重新成为这座建筑的所有者。

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