TheWinter of Paris


《冬日巴黎》The Winter of Paris,一部lilyma马莉的散文小说。

冬日巴黎 ”THE WINTER OF PARIS,一部lilyma马莉的散文小说。多年创业中精疲力竭,她向往创作与灵魂的自由。当2017年某天自己最好的朋友猝死,她开始反思,如今这样的生活,是否已经偏离了她人生本意。因此她改变自己的生活轨迹,追寻艺术与爱情。在这八个月,她遇见了不同的人和事。在巴黎、在米卢斯、在北京、在曼谷……

The Winter of Paris. A prose novel from lilyma.

lilyma is a filmmaker, who loves painting and music. Exhausted by years of entrepreneurship in the Beijing film industry. She yearns for the freedom of creation and soul. When one day her best friend suddenly died, she began to reflect, now such a life, whether has deviated from her life intention.

So she changed the course of her life, pursuing the art and love. During these eight months, she met different people and things. In Paris, in Mulhouse, in Beijing, in Bangkok...

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Jardin des Tuileries

- Soul maze


作词 Lyrics:lilyma 马莉(2017.11.27 afternoon)

演唱、独白 Sing/Solo:lilyma 马莉

音乐制作人 Music:Paolo Marcuzzi

录音棚 Studio:MOTOCO Mulhouse

英文背景女声 Background English:Thashish

录音 Sound: Luna & Alex

《我的小霸王时代》 小说封面.jpg

Age Of Innocence

Jiang Nan,the regions south of the Yangtze River,since ancient times, has been the most prosperous and culturally advanced place in China.

The south part of Jiangsu, including Shanghai, Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, etc. all belong to the region of an ancient local language:The dialect of Wu Chinese.

Kunqu, China's oldest opera with a history of 600 years, grew up in this soil. Apart from Kunqu Opera, there are also many younger traditional operas in this area. The most famous one in Zhejiang is the Yue Opera, while in Jiangsu it is the Xi Opera. 

Yue opera features actresses in male roles as well as femininity in terms of singing, performing, and staging. It started to get popular in Shanghai in early 1930s and now it is the second most popular Chinese opera genre.

Xi Opera developed from self-entertaining performances by the villagers in Wuxi and Changzhou areas delivering folk songs and stories in the form of antiphonal singing since Emperor Qianlong and Emperor Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty. It has a history of more than 200 years now. 

In the small town Xinfang of Yixing, by Tai lake side, Jiangsu province, the little Ma Li was born earlier than expected as a result of her mother accidentally falling off her bike. With a weight of only over a kilogram, Grandpa said she was too small to survive. But her father just held this little meatball so happily, saying so big, so big. All this seems to indicate her turbulent and unusual life.







lilyma 北京 2013.7.17 






Emotion and Expression

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