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lilyma 马莉|西班牙ART ANTHOLOGY 2021艺术年鉴 ART ANTHOLOGY III: Madrid Edition



2021 Art Year Book

(Release October 15th of 2021)


西班牙杂志Guto Ajayu Culture



"ART ANTHOLOGY III: Madrid Edition" art Year book 2021, Madrid version, is collected in the Spanish National Library. The artist's works, along with images, videos, and text, will be exhibited in Madrid in October of this year.



Artwork Videos


The ocean

Pink Beach 4

系列 Series:静物风景系列Still Life & Landscape/海洋与沙滩The Oceans and Beaches

音乐 Music:Bayou Dakar Bluez 《 海天悠,问冰蟾何处涌?》

作曲 Compose:Paolo Marcuzzi (法)

词 Lyrics: "Ji Xian Bin" 《牡丹亭》【集贤宾 】from Chinese Kun Opera: ‘Search for the Dream’

绘画 Artist/作词 Lyrics/演唱 Song:lilyma马莉

视频 Video:许臣斌 Sandy Xu

创作日期 Date:2020-2021

©️2021 莫莉的世界 Moli's Heart





During the pandemic, I started a period of seclusion for creative work that has lasted for three and a half years. I have missed going out to enjoy the sceneries, but unfortunately, it was the truth.

So, I decided to bring the landscapes back home and capture them on canvas, as a way to possess the beauty I was longing for.

However, my art is not just a mere representation of landscapes, it also reflects the wildness, passion, and tranquility of the human soul. It's like life itself, with its ups and downs, joys and sorrows, everything is an expression of life.


WUYI,Springs in the rock

系列 Series:静物风景系列Still Life & Landscape

音乐 Music:Musee De I’Orangerie 橘园美术馆

作曲 Compose:Paolo Marcuzzi (法)

绘画 Artist/作词 Lyrics/演唱 Song:lilyma马莉

视频 Video:许臣斌 Sandy Xu

创作日期 Date:2020-2021

©️2021 莫莉的世界 Moli's Heart


I once thought, why not just stay at home until October this year. But how long can I really self-isolate for?! Based on my hyperactive and impatient nature, I curiously asked myself. It seems like fate, another challenge brought by the heavens, allowing me to find something that can both torture myself and help me pass the time smoothly, and discover my own way during these endless waiting days.

Of course, these days are not easy, and I have not left the two-kilometer radius for a long time. Going out is mostly for running, picking up packages doesn't count, and picking up packages are usually large items that I have to carry on my bike or push with a shopping cart, sometimes I have to resist on my own. It wasn't until Bao Bao called me and mentioned the idea of going to Wuyishan.