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ART OLYMPIC PRIZE-2021 艺术奥林匹克奖



作品 Artwork:《杏花一枝墙头来》The apricot blossom is in full bloom

系列 Series:《禁闭的春天》The quarantine time

材料Material: 丙烯画布 Acrylic on canvas

尺寸Size: 100x200cm

创作日期 Date:2020-2021

绘画 Artist:lilyma马莉


*The catalog of the ART OLYMPIC PRIZE-2021

lilyma马莉(Ma Li)


lilyma is a Chinese painter, , writer, actor, opera performer, and movie producer.

Oil painting is one of her artistic focuses at the moment.

"I believe that arts have no boundaries. All my art creations, in various formats, come from life, my thoughts about love and society.

Those ‘Emotions and Expressions’ were the natural birth of my impulses but not just descriptions. “

lilyma’s prose fiction novels “Age Of Innocence” & “The Winter of Paris” were published online in 2019 with the formats in E-books and audio books on various platforms.

As an opera actress, lilyma was awarded the Outstanding Performance Award in 2000 and Wen Hua Award (Nation’s highest award in professional stage arts) in 2002 by National Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China.

She have been participating in creating a series of experimental music by mixing Chinese opera and poem with western music since 2011.

The films & TV works lilyma was involved as a producer and an actress include : Copy cat (2009), My Awesome Grandpa(2017), Legend Of Heroes (2015), 7 days, Mother’s Spring, Ji Yuan (2009). etc

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