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Paolo Marcuzzi


Paolo was born in 1963 & he starts to sing and compose at 13 years old.

After a couple of progressive, folk & rock experiences he became lead

singer in «MADE IN FRANCE»

a hard rock band who released a debut LP in 1980.(collector now)

Lots of music after, he works for a pop duet project call «RAGA»

wich was signed by BMG/PHONOGRAM a major company for 5 years.

In 1986 the single «Je l’aime quand même» is top 30 in French charts!

100 000 copies later the duet records 2 more singles.

Paolo works for different artists signed & unsigned during 7 years in

Paris doing some production, writing songs,

In 1991 he came back to his hometown Mulhouse a city in the east of

France near Germany & Swiss, in the middle of Europe and starts

«SUPERFREAK». That one was a real live band with top musicians ready

to rock, to funk....

After more of 300 gigs in France, Germany, Swiss and one LP (Indie

1994) the band split.

That’s the usual end of rock bands !


Keyboards, Computer, GrooveMachine, .... A collectiv organisation «KARMA SOUND»

An electro jungle world trip hop for soul performances.

2000/ 2010

Paolo works on many studios writing composing and producing for

different project as a free-lance artist.

2015 PAOLO focus on his solo project.

Downtempo tunes for da soul really smooth with cool grooves very laidback.

He plays guitars bass keyboard and sings his tunes which are all recorded home.

That’s his Homework for Homestyle 100% Homemade

2011 A new story «ROSA RUBUS» born with the internet.

Paolo met Lilyma via myspace/facebook/wechat... she likes the song... the sound.

They start creating a new style working together with new technology.

Lilyma in China Paolo in France connected.

Lilyma using her knowledge of Chinese Opera & Chinese Art / Paolo his full

Lilyma came in France (2015) to collaborate for producing the tracks.

She came back at the end of 2017 for wrinting singing recording new material.

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