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莫莉的动物世界 Moli’s animal world 1-3



《莫莉的动物世界》 系列3

龙世界 Dragon World

元旦过后,比回到工作室,思考2024时,萌生出来手绘一系列龙图。 我喜欢龙,我爸爸属龙。 Anyway,龙年就要快乐、积极、兴隆、如意、吉祥、腾飞…… LOVE!

After New Year's Day, when I returned to the studio at north, and started thinking about 2024, I had the idea to create a series of dragon s. I love dragon, and my father is a dragon in the Chinese zodiac. Anyway, in the Year of the Dragon, I wish everyone happiness, positivity, prosperity, good luck, success, and so on... BIG LOVE!

2024.1.27 夜  lilyma马莉



Moli's Animal World 2

Housan and Houshe





When I returned to my hometown of Changzhou, someone mentioned to me that they like the little monkeies character I designed.

There is a story behind it - I gave those Si Bu Hou monkeies tea pets to Miss Du. Which it was gifts from a monk at Da Da Chu temple. and then I draw a series of little monkeies for me.

This time, I plan to finish making it in mid-July when I return to complete my artwork for the Paris exhibition.

It's all just for fun!

I call it 'Housan and Houshe'.

2022.7.28 夜 上线


Moli's Animal World 1




When MD came to Beijing and drew a monkey for me on the train.   And later we worked on coloring it together.   What fun game as grow up man and women do.   We also painted an elephant together.

And later I had dreams about drawing monkeys.

I sometimes feel I am like the laughing horse.

And then at Tsinghua University Academy of fine arts class, I was drew groundhogs...

The Alpacas have always been something I wanted to draw...    

The project was launched on April 3, 2019 on WeChat.

Have fun, I had fun.

2019.1.6  lilyma马莉 北京

《莫莉的世界 Molii's Heart》摘录


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©️ Moli's Heart 莫莉的世界

by lilyma马莉

莫莉工作室 Moli's Studio

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