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Age of Innocence, 《我的小霸王时代》— Novel by lilyma马莉


Age of Innocence, 《我的小霸王时代》,one my book is online at 2019.10.22 “iReader” App.

Preface 前言






lilyma 北京 2013.7.17 

《莫莉的世界 Molii's Heart》摘录

The Story 故事介绍



南京城的专业戏校里,乡下来的假小子马丽,因率真直爽、周身散发的乡土气而遭其他女生排挤,同时却因此得到本校高年级京剧班“大哥”崔鐘的赏识,果断拉马丽 “入伙”。有了坚强后盾的马丽,摇身成为戏校不可一世的“七兄弟”成员里唯一的“女霸王”。

As the first generation of "Only Child" in China (1980), Ma Li spent her lonely childhood in a close environment. Ma Li's anxiety and her mother's "One person lays down the law" form an endless vicious circle. Under her mother's strict control, Ma Li grew up savagely and tough confrontation.

And her little body was "imprisoned" with vigorous imagination and action. Ma Li was convinced that she had to get out of the home that can she survive. Or she would die by herself or her mother.

In the repeated "Run away from home" after failure, Ma Li finally found her mother's "Soft Spot" : Mom super loves to listen to the Yue Opera. Then Ma Li relies on natural good voice and imitate abilities, she successful "handle even" her mother. Not only reversed the situation of passive be beaten, still hit by accident ground to be admitted to "Jiangsu Drama School". She did to realize the big plan of far away home and high flying.

Nanjing city, this professional theater school. This countryside tomboy Ma Li , this nature frank, straight girl was excluded by other girls. For not so long.

At the same time, her highlight personalities was get someone appreciated. The real "Big bro" in this school, Cui Zhong from senior Peking Opera class. He decisive pull Ma Li "Join the Gang".

Since Ma Li had the strong backing up, she tuned to become the only insolent "Female Overlord" in the member of "7 brothers" of Drama School.


2019.8.22 lilyma马莉

目录章节 The chapters

第一章 开篇The Opening

第二章 动物园班级The ZOO class

第三章 蓝玫(会跳舞的眼睛) The Blue rosa

第四章 被四分五裂的洋娃娃们The torn dolls

第五章 郑和公园的“红披风公主” The princess wore the red cape

第六章 武功课的新老师The new martial arts teacher

第七章 同性恋还是同心莲?萌动的青春 Homosexual or Concentric lotus? Stirring……

第八章 软玉温香、检查书、脸谱Body of a woman/Inspection Letter/Those faces

第九章 谁是黑社会?!Who is the Mafia?

第十章 一声6月婴孩的惨叫The scream of the birth of a new baby

第十一章 十二岁的“寡妇” The twelve years old "Widow"

第十二章 关于性懵懂About sex drive

第十三章 那个白衣飘飘的男生First love, unforgettable love

第十四章 再见杨千里Seeing Yang Qianli again

第十五章 南京往事The past of Nanjing

第十六章 练功记与几出闹剧 Training and a few farce

第十七章 七兄弟的消亡The demise of 7 Brothers & Blood marry

第十八章 现实与理想The Realities and Dreams

第十九章 何时报师恩Shien memorable

第二十章 关于人生的跟斗About life

第二十一章 我的“黑道大哥”崔鐘Story of Cui Zhong

第二十一章 一个非虚构的虚构故事A nonfiction fiction story

第二十二章 一个真实的噩梦A real nightmare

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