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The Rules

The poor go into the cage of the poors.

The richs fall into the vicious circle of the rich;

Men are addicted to women's cages.

Women are also struggling in men's minds...

Whether it's a circle of mud and grass,

Or the magnificent siege made of gold and silver,

Who can get out of our own confusion?!

Entertainment age for entertaining yourself.

The Age of Drama.

When I was studying in Beijing Film Academy. I was write series of stories, for fun. 

It was mainly for making films.

Of course, the funny things are, if I wrote good stories, that call "Story". If no good, that we called “Accident”. Chinese words game. LOL~

I never think i am good story teller.

Maybe because my first career as a theatre opera actor. That I lived each one of them for true life.

It was tempting, for me.

The originally name called "The Circle".  The first circle, the second circle and so on.

When I shoot the first story, i changed as simply called "First Rule". 

Up to now, more stories have been put in. That's our "people trapped in a strange circle", this name come up in Chinese. English I still call it "The rules".

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