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《干枝雪柳发芽了》 The dry snow willow is sprouted



The dry snow willow is sprouted






The dry snow willow beside the TV is sprouted. But those peach and plum branches did not.

The soil in the osmanthus basin of the four seasons is pressed very solid and growing very well. I often water them with nutritional water recently.

At the chrysanthemum basin, there are always ant nests, makes it grow so weak. Only chrysanthemum is like this. I don't know what to do...

Longevity flower worthy the name. Even broken also can live. You just inserted it into the soil. That’s all.

My dad make me two tabling, which I do the design, in order to place flowerpots.

At last, all placed books, stationeries, some other stuff, greater use. Well done.

Kiwi fruit will go bad if I don't eat it... but I don’t really like fruits….

2022.1.18 lilyma 马莉 night


Cream walnuts from Shanghai Cai Zhi Zhai







I bought Lin 'an creamy hickory nuts, seeds of snakegourd, spiced beef satay and fish fillets, from Shanghai Cai Zhi Zhai on Wuyi Road. These are all necessary for watching TV during the Spring Festival.

I don't like small packets. I always feel that the package is not crisp enough. It has to be weighed in bulk.

It was a childhood habit, and it tastes even better. Those bulk food must selling faster, otherwise nobody buy, which means fresher.

I was on a business trip 2019 at Shanghai fond this tiny shop at Wu Yi Road, called Suzhou to Cai Zhi Zhai. Ask for the owner WeChat and I can buy any time I want where I am.

When I was young, I took a small hammer to sit on a small bench to knock walnuts. I can sit whole day just knocking those. My mom doesn't need to watching me over, just give me half kilo of hickory nuts.

Now you can peel it easily. I've got a hammer. Big one. For hanging my paintings.

2022.1.19 Morning lilyma 马莉

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