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Moli's Dreamland

I remember when I was a child, I dreamed that I was pricked by a red-tasselled spear. But then I came back to life. 

The childhood fears.

I always tell myself in my dream: "This is a dream, this just a dream. It's not real."

Over time, I no longer have nightmares. I convinced myself to face my fear. Even in a dream. I was eight years old.

Even in the most bizarre dreams, I know that I am dreaming. As long as I keep the thread of my waking mind, I will not panic. And then I can solve the problems from my dreams.

I wrote several pieces when I was studing film direct. "The rabbit with short tail" and "My little tiger". Since 2008, I began to write series of dreams.

Usually wake up in a daze and hurry to write it down. As fast as i can. Some over ten thousand words, like a long logical story with true mood. Some I can go on to experience sequel stories in my dreams, like self-hypnosis.

 "Lan Lian" I wrote less, as far as possible with ancient prose. Because it is difficult to maintain the feeling of dream after waking up, that is, wake up too fast, hand is too slow, ancient prose writing is much faster.

My dream, all are colored dreams. Some have foreknowledge in my real life.  Most of them are eschatologica. The nobody save the world, fighting monsters, science fiction, mythology, biochemistry and other stories. From 3000 years ago or to the future.


2019.8.24 lilyma 马莉

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