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Percy Chua Soo Lian 蔡樹連


Percy Chua Soo Lian 蔡樹連

Architect/ Poet/ Artist


Percy and lilyma has been working together as partner for 10 years, at New Media, film-television industry, Architectural Design and poetry.


Percy Chua Soo Lian is an artist who has staged a number of art shows in Singapore. He is also a poet. He obtained his Secondary and Pre-University education at Raffles Institution, a premier school in Singapore. He obtained his Arts Degree at the National University of Singapore, Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies and Masters of Architecture in Technical University of Nova Scotia (TUNS), Halifax, Canada.


He has more than twenty years of experience in the fields of Art and Architecture. A great part of his professional work involves the planning and design of infrastructure and town planning projects in various cities in Asia infusing nuances of culture, art and poetics in his works. He has in his personal and corporate capacity won a number of Architectural Awards and Competitions.


The past decade, saw him involved in more interesting parts of his job, like restructuring assets and projects both for Hotels, building and mining projects when Korea was under IMF, and feasibility studies in Ulaanbaatar. He specialises in Project Valuations. Some project highlights include, valuation of agricultural plantations for Indonesia, business advisory for Scientific research for anti-barnacle paints in the Philippines, putting up the first carbon credit paper to China, Business consultancy for Air Fiji, Cypherkey systems for IT company in Canada, and comprehensive Port and Township Masterplans in China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

过去的十年中, 他参与了一些更有趣的工作,比如宾馆,建筑和采矿工程的重组资产和项目, 以及在乌兰巴托进行的可行性研究。他专长于项目估价。其中一些重点项目包括:为印尼农业种植园的股价,为菲律宾做防船底生物吸附油漆科学研究做商业咨询,搭建了第一个碳信用额度,为斐济航空公司做商业咨询,为加拿大的IT公司提供的Cypherkey加密系统以及在中国、越南和印尼的港口和乡镇总体规划。

Besides, his Architectural works, he also is involved the Media Industry, as the Managing Director and CEO of M2B World Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, and is Director of a US listed Company. He is also currently also active in the property and real estate scenes in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, Caribbeans and Canada.



*Community Art 2nd Prize 1975. 第二届社区艺术奖 1975;

*Asean Art Festival 1977. 东盟年阿艺术节 1977;

*Singapore Youth Festival Art 1978. 新加坡青年艺术节 1978;

*Solo Art Exhibition, Hyatt Hotel 1982. 个人艺术展,台北君悦大饭店 1982;

*SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) – Best 5 km Run in Battalion 1979. SFA(新加坡武装部队)-营地最佳5公里跑步 1979;

*Military Transport Officer : 1980 – 1982. 军事运输官员1980年-1982;


*CSL ARCHITECTS – Founding Partner CSL建筑事务所创始人/主席;

*CSLA MANAGEMENT PTE LTD – Director CSLA私人有限公司 董事;

*AMARU Inc, USA – Director美国AMARU公司董事;

*M2B WORLD ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD – Managing Director & CEO M2B世界亚太有限公司董事总经理、首席执行官;

*PT BINTAN PACIFIC DEVELOPMENT – President Director PT太平洋发展有限公司总裁;

*WHEELS TV Asia Private Limited – President International Business WHEELS TV亚洲私人有线电视公司 – 国际商务主席;


CSL ARCHITECTS – 1996, Founding Partner.

Architectural Design, Town Planning and Feasibility Studies in countries like, Singapore, Philippines, East and West Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Mongolia, Fiji and Middle East. 新加坡CSL建筑事务所于1996年成立:公司主业为建筑设计、城市规划及可行性研究等,并实施在许多国家。例如:新加坡、菲律宾、马来西亚东部和西部、汶莱、印尼、泰国、香港、中国、韩国、蒙古、斐济、中东等地。


Masterplanners for 8,300Ha New Capital City for Bintan, Indonesia. 印尼民丹岛面积为8300公顷的新首都城市总体规划师;

Winner, 20sty Office Tower in Hanoi, limited 3 countries competition. 河内办公大楼3国竞标中的优胜者;

Winner, 30sty Philippines Embassy Tower in KL, limited 5 countries competition.吉隆坡30层菲律宾使馆大厦5国竞标中的优胜者;

Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation Housing Competition, Halifax, Nova Scotia, - 1st Award. 加拿大Nova Scotia省Halifax市加拿大房贷与房屋公司住房设计大赛一等奖;

Kandang Kerbau Hospital Competition, 2nd Award (Architects Vista) . Kandang Kerbau医院竞赛二等奖(建筑师类);

HDB Design & Build Awards 建屋发展局设计及建造奖项 获奖项目;

Woodlands S$130m (Atelier Group Architects/TSP Architects) ;Woodlands项目,造价一亿三千万新加坡元 (与Atelier Group Architects和TSP Architects合作);

Choa Chu Kang $90m (AGA/SAA Partnership Pte Ltd) ; Choa Chu Kang项目,造价九千万新加坡元(与AGA和SAA Partnership Pte Ltd合作);

Choa Chu Kang S$90m (with Architects Vista – only concept stage) ; Choa Chu Kang项目,造价九千万新加坡元(与Architects Vista合作 – 仅概念阶段);

Sengkang S$80m (with AGA – only concept stage); Sengkang项目,造价八千万新加坡元(与AGA合作 – 仅概念阶段);

Winning entry 25 sty Office Tower, Ayer Molek, Malaysia (with SAA Partnership, local competition).马来西亚Ayer Molek25层办公大楼竞标入围(与SAA Partnership合作,当地竞标);

4 sty condominium Holland Park – winning entry local competition.荷兰园4层豪华公寓竞标入围 – 当地竞标;

CSL Architects Singapore, one of the 4 Finalist for Sanya Phoenix Water Town Competition (others being HOK USA, NDA France, Beijing Design Institute, China).新加坡CSL Architects建筑设计公司成为4个入围中国三亚凤凰水城竞赛决赛的公司之一(其它3位为美国HOK,法国NDA,中国北京设计研究院);

Shortlisted Submission for 5sq km Shenzhen Da Mei Sha Design Competition, others being, Leigh & Orange(UK), Nikken Sikkei (Japan), Tao Ho Design (HK). 5平方公里深圳市大梅沙设计大赛入围,其它入围者英国Leigh & Orange,日本Nikken Sikkei,香港Tao Ho Design;

Hotel New World, Kangnamgu, Seoul, Feasibility and financing proposal.韩国首尔新世界酒店可行性和融资提案;

Mahimphex Meat factory, and Hotels in Ulaanbator, Outer Mongolia, feasibility study. 蒙古乌兰巴托Mahimphex肉厂,酒店可行性研究;

Inspirational Design for Hokkaido, Japan Bridge – winning entry with Norway and France.日本Hokkaido桥创意设计与挪威,法国一起入围;

Master Plan Study for integrated water-land transport and re-vitalisation of town center for Lake Lanao, Marawi, Mindanao, Philippines ( Abu Sayaff stronghold ! ) .菲律宾民答那峨岛Marawi市Lanao湖水陆混合运输及城镇中心改造总体规划提案;

*Artistic Design for Planet Moon Hotel, Lebanon.黎巴嫩星月酒店艺术设计;


Master Planning 总规划

*Masterplan for 6.5km Spa Civilisation, Lanyang, Hainan, China. 中国海南蓝洋温泉度假村6.5公里总体规划设计;

*Masterplan for 2200 mu Residential Development, Chong Qing, China. 中国重庆2000亩住宅区总体规划设计;

*Masterplan for 359 mu Lakeside Residential Development, Guiyang, China.中国贵阳359亩湖滨住宅区总体规划设计;

*Masterplan for 200 mu High end villas at LianFeng Shan, Beidaihe, China.中国北戴河联峰山200亩高端别墅总体规划设计;

*Concept Masterplan for 6.5km Kunming Eco-Golf Resort, China (with SAA).中国昆明6.5公里高尔夫度假村概念设计(与SAA合作);

*Concept Masterplan for 1.2km Waterfront Town, LaoHushi, Beidaihe, China.中国北戴河老虎石1.2公里水景城概念设计;

*Concept Masterplan for Yantai Peninsul, China. 中国烟台半岛概念设计;

*Penglai Masterplan shotlisted. Shotlisted. 蓬莱总体规划设计入围;

*Masterplan for Rugao Port, Phase I and II, 22 sq km, China.中国如皋港一二期工程22平方公里总体规划设计;

*Masterplan for 2.5 sq km Qingdao Qiaonan Resort Old Village Town, China (with SAA). 中国青岛桥南度假村2.5平方公里总体规划设计(与SAA合作);

*Town Planning, 240Ha Medan, Sumatra, Indonesi. 印度尼西亚苏门答腊240公顷城镇总体规划;

*Masterplan Audit for 2.3 km long New ThuThiem Housing Town, HCMC. 越南胡志明市2.3公里新ThuThiem住宅区总体规划审核;

*Suburban plan for Tigbauan, Iloilo City, Philippines. 菲律宾Iloilo城Tigbauan郊区规划设计;

*Akean Resorts Proposal, 400 Ha, Caticlan, Aklan, Philippines. 菲律宾Aklan省Caticlan市400公顷Akean度假村设计提案;

*Residential subdivision at Permas Jaya, Malaysia. 马来西亚Permas Jaya住宅区规划;

*Feasibility Study, K.L./Seremban LRT, Malaysia. 马来西亚吉隆坡Seremban轻轨可行性研究;

*Proposed Mixed Commercial and Residential Development at Geylang Patah, Johore, Malaysia 马来西亚Johore州Geylang Patah市商住混合开发提案;

*Proposed Residential Development, 20 Acres, Daerah Gombak, KL, Malaysia. 马来西亚吉隆坡Daerah Gombak20英亩住宅区提案;

*FS & Financing Proposal for Ranca-Ranca Port, Labuan, East Malaysia .东马来西亚Lbuan区Ranca-Ranca港可行性研究和融资提案;

*Residential Development, 700 units, Tawau, Sabah. 马来西亚Sabah州700户住宅开发;

*Feasibility and re-vitalisation Studies for Tang Dynasty City, Singapore. 新加坡唐城可行性及改造翻新研究;

*Orchard Road Urban Design Competition, 2.5km, Singapore. 新加坡乌节路2.5公里城市设计大赛;

*Feasibility Study for Proposed Thailand 2008 Olympic City. 泰国2008奥运城可行性研究;

*Sunshine City Resort Town Plan, Shenzhen China 2500Ha (Int’l Competition) . 中国深圳2500公顷阳光城市计划(国际竞赛);

Mixed-Use Development混合用途开发

*Mixed-Use 230,000 sq m Development 28th Shopping Street at Wuhan, China. 中国武汉28购物街23000平米混合用途开发;

*15 Ha Mixed-Use Commercial Office Tower, Shopping, Apartments in Hanoi. 越南河内15公顷办公,购物,公寓多功能大厦开发;

*20 sty P.O., Commercial Shops &Hotel Development at Seremban, Malaysia. 马来西亚Seremban20层商用,酒店混合用途大楼开发;

*30 Storey Office/Residential Building at Arroceros, Manila, Philippines. 菲律宾马尼拉Arroceros30层商住两用楼开发;

*Master Plan Proposal for integrated water-land transport and re-vitalisation of town center for Lake Lanao, Marawi, Mindanao, Philippines. 菲律宾民答那峨岛Marawi市Lanao湖水陆混合运输及城镇中心改造总体规提案;

*Proposed Mixed Commercial and Residential Development at Geylang Patah, Johore, Malaysia; 马来西亚Johore州Geylang Patah市商住混合开发提案;

*Mixed-use development comprising Office Tower, Hotel, Service Apartment and Shopping, UAE. 阿拉伯联合酋长国办公,酒店,酒店式公寓,购物中心混合用途大楼开发

Commercial 商业

*Tawau Mall, Tawau, Sabah, E.Malaysia. 东马来西亚Sabah州Tawau购物中心;

*Proposed 80 sty iconic tower for Zhenzhou City, Isozaki Masterplan, China. 中国郑州80层标志性大楼提案;

*Shopping Street and Cultural Center, Haikou, Hainan. 中国海南省海口市购物街和文化中心;

*Proposed Retrofit of 20Sty Twin Towers for Nong Kern, Haikou, Hainan. 中国海南省海口市20层双子楼提案;

*Proposed 20-sty Hotel at Victoria Street (URA Tender), Singapore. 新加坡维多利亚街20层酒店提案;

*Shops and Hypermart at Tanjung Kupang, 23 Ha, Johore, Malaysia. 马来西亚Johore州Tanjung Kupang23公顷购物中心;

*Proposed 4 sty Shopping Centre Retrofit at South Bouna Vista Road, Spore. 新加坡South Bouna Vista路4层购物中心提案;

*Clementi Shophouse, Singapore. 新加坡Clementi店铺;

*Geylang Clinic, Singapore. 新加坡Geylang诊所;

*Resort and Recreational 度假村和休闲中心;

*Hot Spring Resort & Spa Club at HuanDao Hotel, Haikou, Hainan. 中国海南海口寰岛酒店温泉度假村;

*Proposed Golf Housing for Amara Group at Chengdu, China. 中国成都Amara集团高尔夫别墅提案;

*Proposed John Constable Sanctuary in Guiling, China. 中国桂林约翰康斯特布尔保护区提案;

*Old Town Center with Waterscape at LaoHu Shi, Qinghauangdao, China. 中国秦皇岛老虎石水景老镇中心;

*Concept Sketch for Hot Spring Resort at NanPing, Hainan, China. 中国海南蓝屏温泉度假村概念图;

*Themed Luxury Hotel proposal, Shenzhen, China. 中国深圳主题豪华酒店提案;

*Mixed-use development with Hotel, Service Apartment and Shopping, Tianjing, China. 中国天津酒店,公寓,购物混合用途开发;

*Hotel and Exhibition Centre, Guanzhou, China.中国广州,酒店和展览中心;

*Proposed Floating Hotel, Shenzhen, China. 中国深圳,浮动酒店提案;

*Proposed Cruise Center, Shenzhen, China.中国深圳邮轮中心提案;

*Proposed 240HA Golf and Mixed-Development at Binh Doung, Vietnam. 越南Binh Doung240公顷高尔夫多用途开发提案;

*20 sty 4 Star Hotel, Wadi Hana, J.B., Malaysia. 马来西亚Wadi Hana20层4星级酒店;

*Admiralty Sentosa Clubhouse S$4.5m, Singapore. 新加坡450万新元Admiralty圣淘沙俱乐部会所;

Waterfront Development水滨开发

*Competition for Waterfront at Xiamen New Administrative Center, China. 竞标中国厦门新行政中心海滨景观;

*3000 mu Spa, retirement village and resort town in Hainan, China. 中国海南3000亩温泉疗养度假村;

*200 mu Mixed Residential and Hotel Development, Guiyang, China. 中国贵阳200亩住宅酒店混合用途开发;

*Waterfront Promenade for Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 马来西亚Sabah州Kota Kinabalu水景长廊;

*Proposed Financial Center at Danga Bay, Malaysia.马来西亚Danga湾金融中心提案;

*Ferry Terminal I, Shenzhen. 中国深圳1号渡轮码头;

*Kota Tinggi Resort, I & II Johore, Malaysia. 马来西亚Johore州Kota Tinggi度假村一二期工程;

*Pangarang Resort development, 26Ha, Malaysia. 马来西亚Pangarang26公顷度假村开发;

*Feasibility Study for Waterfront Development at Kuching, Sarawak, E.Malaysia. 东马来西亚Sarawak州Kuching海滨开发可行性研究;

Residential 住宅

*20 Sty Residential Apartments at ThuThiem, HCMC, Vietnam. 越南胡志明市20层公寓;

*30 Sty Luxury apartments at Mayang, KL, Malaysia. 马来西亚吉隆坡Mayang30层豪华公寓;

*Proposed 18 sty Apartment at Amber Road. 新加坡琥珀路18层公寓提案;

*Proposed10 sty Apartment at Tong Watt Road. 新加坡Tong Watt路10层公寓提案;

*Proposed 10-sty Condominium at Upper Changi Road. 新加坡樟宜路10层公寓提案;

*Proposed 4 sty Flats at Lor L Telok Kurau. 新加坡Telok Kurau4层公寓提案;

*Terrace housing at Jln Cemelang, Worthing Road, Jln Senang, Cowdray.新加坡Jln Senang区,cowday区,worthing路等处的平房;

*Semi-Detached Dwelling at Lucky Rise. 新加坡Lucky Rise区半独立式住宅;

*Residential Bungalow at Jln Kechubong, Chatsworth, Burghley Drive, Woollerton Park, Rambai Road, Dalvey Road, Nassim Road.

*Thailand Low Cost Housing 40,000 Units. 泰国40000个单元低价住宅;

Conservation and Additions & Alterations 建筑保护,扩建及改动

*54,56,58 Neil Road Shophouse, Singapore. 新加坡Neil路54,56,58号店铺;

*1, 3, 5 Kreta Ayer Conservation Shophouse, Singapore. 新加坡Kreta Ayer1,3,5号店铺(保护建筑);

*Dunlop Street Conservation Shophouse. 新加坡Dunlop街店铺(保护建筑);

Factory 工厂

*Halliburton Factory, Gul Street, Singapore.新加坡Gul街Halliburton工厂;

*Proposed 5-Sty Tagore Factory, Singapor.新加坡Tagore工厂5层提案;

*Feasibility Studies for Kaacher Factory. Kaacher. Kaacher工厂可行性研究;

*Old Rollei Factory at Chai Chee Industrial Complex.新加坡Chai Chee工业区老Rollei工厂;


*Hokkaido’s-Honshu Bridge City I & II (20.7km & 19.2km), Japan. 日本北海道本州大桥I号和II号(20.7公里及19.2公里);

*Transportation Hub, Cable car/Ferry Terminal/Bus Exchange, SZ, China. 中国深圳缆车/渡轮/公交交通枢纽中心;

*Proposal for integrated water-land transport and re-vitalisation of town center for Lake Lanao, Marawi, Mindanao, Philippine. 菲律宾民答那峨岛Marawi市Lanao湖水陆混合运输及城镇中心改造总体规划提案;

*Masterplan for Ancol Port Development in Jakarta, Indonesia. 印度尼西亚雅加达Ancol港总体规划设计;

*Infrastructure proposals for Bintan Island, Indonesia. 印度尼西亚Bintan岛基础设施建设提案;


With Architects Vista (1986-1988) Architects Vista时期 (1986 - 1988)

UOL Building, Singapore S$4.75m 新加坡UOL大厦,475万美元;

McDonalds H.Q., Singapore S$10m 新加坡H.Q麦当劳 1000万美元;

PNG , Low Cost Military Housing, 10sty office tower, Hillslope housin.巴布亚新几内亚低成本军队住房,10层办公楼,坡面住宅;

20 sty Flatted Factory, Maca. 澳门20层分层工厂大厦;

8 sty Apartment, Macao. 澳门8层公寓;

6 sty Residential Development, Jakarta, Indones. 印度尼西亚雅加达6层住宅楼;

NTI Hall of Residence no. VI $12m ;

NTI Sports Stadium Structure. NTI体育场结构;

Industrial Factory (Chai Chee) $90m.新加坡Chai Chee9千万新元工厂项目;


Junior College Competitions, Bishan, Serangoon

Telecoms and HDB Area Office Competitions

CHIJ Conservation

Golf Driving Range

With Atelier Group Architects (1991 – 1996) Atelier Group Architects时期 (1991 - 1996)


Neil Road;

Arab Street;

Holland Park;


4 sty Balmoral Road Apartment. Balmoral路18层公寓;

17 sty Balmoral Park Apartment. Balmoral Park17层公寓;

Jln Shaer, Jln Senandong, Watten Heights Bungalow;


2 sty Factory at Senoko Drive. Senoko Drive两层工厂;

2 sty Kodak Factory. 柯达两层工厂;

Geylang Coffeeshop. Geylang咖啡店;


4 sty CPF Building, Jurong East $10m. Jurong East4层CPF建筑(一千万新元);

HDB Design & Build, Tampines, Jurong west. Jurong west,Tampines, HDB设计与建造;

30 sty Commercial/Office Tower, Jln Dato Sulaiman, JB, Malaysia. 马来西亚JB, Jln Dato Sulaiman 30层商用办公大楼;

Stock Exchange and 18 sty Office tower, Sri Lanka. 斯里兰卡证券交易所和18层办公大楼;

Residential Development Sg. Ringgit, JB, Malaysia. 马来西亚,JB,Ringgit,住宅开发;

Carls PUB, KL, Malaysia. 马来西亚吉隆坡carls酒吧;

Other Professional Cooperation其他专业合作

Proposed 1.6km hillside and seaside resort and Villas at Danang, Vietnam. 越南Danang1.6公里山麓海冰度假村提案;

Purdys Wharf Tower II, acoustics analysis, Halifax, N.S., Canada. 加拿大N.S.省Halifax市Purdys Wharf Tower声学分析;

World Trade and Convention Center, acoustics proposal, Halifax, N.S., Canada. 加拿大N.S.省Halifax市世贸大厦和会议中心声学分析;

No. 5662 Fenwick Street House, Halifax, N.S., Canada. 加拿大N.S.省Halifax市Fenwick 街5662号房屋;

7-Day Adventist Food Distribution Center, Halifax, N.S., Canada. 加拿大N.S.省Halifax市7-Day Adventist食品配送中心;

Risley Garage, Dartmouth, N.S., Canada;

Kuningan I, Masterplan for Commercial and Diplomatic Center, Jakarta, Indonesia. 印度尼西亚雅加达商业和外交中心总体规划设计;

Kuningan II, Office Park, Jln Rasuna Said, Jakarta, Indonesia

Kuningan III, Mixed-Use Development, Jakarta, Indonesia;

Tebet Green Park, Mixed-Use Proposal, Tebet Green Belt, Indonesi;

Cilandak Apartments, Jakarta, Indonesia. 印度尼西亚雅加达Cilandak公寓;

Daihatsu Showroom, Lampong, Indonesia.印度尼西亚Lampong大发展示厅;

Honda Showroom, Surabaya, Indonesia. 印度尼西亚Surabaya本田展示厅;

URA Proposal for Food and Handicraft Center, Sentosa , Singapor. 新加坡圣淘沙食品和手工艺品中心提案;

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