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《上海的桃酥》Shanghai peach cakes


《上海的桃酥》Shanghai peach cakes








Shanghainese are particular about food. When I was a child in Nanjing or Changzhou, EVERY time I went to Shanghai, I would look for snack shops. There are Shanghai food store one and two, near Huaihai Road or Shaanxi South Road. Now it's all packaged food.

The sister of Shanghai Yue opera house also can't find the bulk store now.

Walnut cookies, peach cookies, those are Chinese traditional food everywhere, at north or south. Still, Shanghai test more delicious.

She sent me a box of peach cookies last time. Which I ask from walnuts. She said, the peach box was good looking, it suit my wall colors.

2022.1.19下午 lilyma马莉

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