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lilyma 马莉|“COMING-OUT” 2021 米兰国际当代展:拈花湾写生


International Contemporary Exhibition “COMING-OUT” 2021 米兰国际当代展

主办单位:M.A.D.S Gallery Milano


参展艺术家:lilyma马莉(Ma Li)

《太湖拈花湾》 写生:梵天花海

Nian Hua Bay, Tai lake

作品细节 Details

材料Material: 油画画布 Oil painting on canvas


创作日期 Date:2020-2021

《江南景》 写生系列

The Jiangnan scenery part

制作人员 Production team

导演Director:孟媛 Mengyuan

制片人Producer:文新 Wen Xin/许臣斌 Sandy Xu

摄影Photography:孟媛 Mengyuan/ 文新Wen Xin/马莉lilyma/许臣斌 Sandy Xu/ 董成俊Dong ChengJun/ 曹天刚 Cao TianGang

作曲 Compose:Paolo Marcuzzi (法)

词 Lyrics/演唱 Song:lilyma马莉

剪辑Edit:莫莉工作室 Moli's Studio

Lilyma is a Chinese artist, writer, actor and film producer. A personality with an imaginative and innovative artistic flair who likes to experiment, arriving at an artistic concept that draws on all her knowledge of art and culture.

An artist without boundaries who finds in art a way to express herself and give her own vision of the world. Lilyma proves to be not only very skilled, but also very versatile in the use of different techniques and painting formats. She is inspired by her life, by what happens to her and what surrounds her, she takes her cue from everyday life, her thoughts and emotions. Visual art is just one of the many ways in which Lilyma gives her vision of the world.



Among her artworks is "The apricot tree at the backyard", in which she depicts a realistic extract of her reality. The protagonist, as the title suggests, is the apricot tree, which is positioned in the foreground, cutting the scene at an angle. In the background is a rural landscape, a house with bell-shaped windows, stained glass and a sloping roof. Lilyma outlines the elements with a black outline and uses vivid, realistic colours. She creates a kind of photograph, an everyday moment that is fixed in time and space, a painting that smells of home, familiarity, sharing and family.

Nature reigns supreme, there is a reference to the summer spring season with the blossoming of the apricots and the flowers in the background, showing their most beautiful colours. The brushstrokes are soft and gestural, while the black outline is sharper, clearer and cleaner. The round format of the artwork emphasises the artists creativity. The naturalistic subject matter refers to nineteenth-century painting, which is taken up here in a modem key and revisited.

她有一副作品叫《杏子成熟了》(The apricot tree at the backyard),在这幅作品中,她描绘了自己现实生活的片段。正如标题所示,主角是杏树,它位于前景,以一定的角度切入场景。背景是一处乡村景观,一座有着钟形窗户、彩色玻璃和斜屋顶的房子。马莉用黑色轮廓勾勒出这些元素,并使用了生动逼真的色彩。她创造了一幅照片,一个固定在时间和空间中的日常瞬间,一幅散发着家、温暖、分享和家庭气息的画。


In the artwork "Nian Hua Bay, Tai lake", the landscape is the protagonist. It is a painting of a place probably painted "en plain air" by the artist where seasonality and nature still reign supreme. There is no human presence, except for a few small houses in the background. The brushstrokes are less defined and blend together to create a fluid and realistic effect, thanks to the oil tempera technique. An expanse of pink and purple flowers covers the grass on the other side of the water and breaks up the