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宜兴的吃食:乌米饭 Yixing's food:Black rice


Yixing's food:Black rice





There is a traditional cuisine called "Woo Mee Fan"(black rice) in my home town Yixing. People soak glutinous rice using the "Woo Fan Shu"(the Latin name is called Vaccinium bracteatum Thunb which I have no idea what it is) leaves and then make steamed rice with that.

"Woo Fan Shu", or black rice tree, is also called Nan Zhu. It was always the elderly of a familay knew how to make such thing. They used to make this food on 8th of April in Chinese calendar. My grandmother did. The exotic ordos is weirdy fragrant and even addictive.There is nothing like that in Changzhou. Now you are able to buy it on the market.The best time is spring. It's actually dried cooked food. You can eat it after steaming.

The cuisine made with black rice tree leaves were very popular among high officials of the Republic of China. They call it "Black official diet". The legend says it has been existed since the Tang Dynasty and is a Taoist health food for immortality.

The black rice tree grows in the southern hills of Yixing. The leaves were once green and red, but turned black when cooked.

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