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《我又不是垃圾桶,为什么要装垃圾》I'm not a trash can. Why do I need trash?



I'm not a trash can.

Why do I need trash?

我又不是垃圾桶,为什么要装垃圾?更不是公共垃圾桶啊!垃圾信息太多了。存储有限的脑容量里,得装点美丽的东西。难道这样不好么?!今日大寒,有点冷,真的有点冷,下雪了,鹅毛大学,下阵子,停阵子。I'm not a trash can. Definitely not a public trash can.No garbage!!! Quite space i can build to my self.I have to fill my brain with something beautiful. Isn't that good? !

Today called Great Cold (24th solar term). Felt colder.

Snowing, like goose feather. Snow is falling in the sky like other space.

2022.1.20 Afternoon lilyma马莉


Just relax






It's nice to have a drink once in a while.

Quite relaxing.

But was too relaxing. After that may get a lot of ideas to think... around.

Of course, the next morning I got a bump on my chin. Those old more than 20 years of rice yellow wine, get me a bump, burning.

When I was dreaming, I kept touching my stupid bump, which it's hurt.

I was told my self when I fell asleep:I must find that bottle of tea tree essential oil in the morning. Tea tree essential oil... Tea tree essence... Tea tree... Tea...zzzzzzz

2022.1.20 Moring lilyma马莉

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