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《屋内茉莉开,屋外一片白》Jasmine blossoms in the house, snowing outside



Jasmine blossoms in the house,

snowing outside



Wow, it's all white outside, was snowed all night. I didn't know.

I was in my dream combing my colors.

There was silence outside the window and jasmines were blossoming. I guess they are so happy as I do too, cos we have heating system.

That's why I can't go back living to the south at winter, even if I regularly think about it. Still, heating in the north is better choice. Not feeling good about warm air conditioning.

My dad was worried about freezing at the north, but he was surprised to find that the winter in the north was delightful.





Of course, if there is a mountain behind the house, after snowing, will be so much fun. If there is some small river, stream, stones at the door, and a path...

The stream should be farther away, otherwise it will be too cold.

Well the Chinese New Year is coming soon.

Be happy and fantasize of life, it's better than being full of sorrow. Come on, living longer I wish.

2022.1.22 下午 lilyma马莉